The Memory Cafes In Cornwall

Currently (January 2018) there are 41 Memory Cafes in Cornwall each with its own unique style reflecting the needs of the local community and approach of the volunteers.

The Cafe's have in common many things including:

  • they are all keen to support people living with dementia and their families, 
  • they are not supported practically by Health or Social Care resources,
  • the generosity of the local community enables them to function
  • they rely on the time and effort of dedicated volunteers.

Information about the meeting times and contact information for each Cafe  is organised into  East, North, Central and West on the tags to the left of the screen on this website.

An alphabetical listing can be found here: 
Directory of Memory Cafes (January 2018 version)

The Cafes are supported by the Memory cafe network which is open to all Memory Cafes in Cornwall.

Many of the Cafes attend the quarterly Cornwall Memory Cafe Network Forum.